Monday 30 Sep 2019 - Friday 1 Nov 2019

South Stour Churches Festival

South Stour Churches

15 churches on the south of the River Stour (North Hinckford benefice)

All events free. Donations to hosting church welcome.
Craftsman's Art & Music's Measure is the theme for the South Stour Churches Festival, a major festival of arts, crafts, music, talks and literature to be held throughout the month of October across the 15 beautiful churches of the South Stour. 40+ events over 33 days in 15 churches.  The festival celebrates the range of local talent in the creative arts in our 15 communities. Join us for a month of creativity in the arts, whilst also delighting in the architectural splendour of 15 historic churches and the surrounding countryside. More information on the South Stour Churches Festival website. Full programme can be downloaded here