Thursday 16 Sep 2021 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Stourdough aka the Hedingham Loaf Launch

Tim Nash standing in a tractor trailer catching wheat from a combine harvester in his bicycle panier.
The Bell Inn

10 St James' Street, Castle Hedingham, Essex CO9 3EJ

Free Entry
The River Stour Festival have been collaborating with Tim Nash from Tensheds Bakery in Sible Hedingham to create The Hedingham Loaf that he also calls Stourdough! Over the past month Tim has gathered wheat from Great Lodge Farm which is within sight of Hedingham Castle. He collected it in his paniers directly from the combine harvester and cycled it straight to Alderford Water Mill in Sible Hedingham where he ground it into flour using a hand mill. He then made a sourdough starter from this flour and water drawn from a local bore hole, which he'll leave for a week to ten days to start fermenting. To make the loaves he'll only need one more ingredient, salt, that will travel the furthest at 21 miles, from Maldon Salt. Now that truly is a local loaf and in the ethos of our 30 Days 30 Miles campaign. To have a taster of the bread, and perhaps and pint of beer, please join us at Tim's local public house, The Bell in Castle Hedingham. The actual loaves will be ready later in September.